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Gold Chain Breakdown - What does it all mean?!

I float these words around in my listings and I want to be transparent on what this number means to you. Gold prices fluctuate daily, today gold is about $1800 for an ounce of gold. The more gold in your piece, expect to pay more.


  • Gold Plated Jewelry is the most affordable option and some consider fast fashion. 
  • In my shop, the gold plate means 24K over a base metal, in most cases the base metal is brass, but sometimes in a higher quality chain, the base metal is sterling silver. 
  • The plate is a thin layer of gold so it will tarnish over time, that is why it's best to keep away from moisture or oils to preserve the gold layer.
  • I use custom gold plated chain which increases the cost of the chain but it's still very affordable.
  • A lot of vintage costume jewelry is a gold/brass mix which keeps a gold coloring nicely.  


  • Level Up to Gold Filled for a longer lasting Gold chain.  
  • 14/20 - 14K Gold is bonded to the base metal core and no less than 10% sterling silver. 
  • Also affordable, but should expect fade over the years


  • The higher the carat, the purer the gold in the alloy. All of the below options will be in the higher dollar range and are the most sustainable, they can be past down for generations and do not lose value. 
  • 24k gold chain is 100% pure 
  • 18k gold chain is 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals*
  • 14k gold chain is 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals*
  • Difference between 14k and 18k besides the percentage of gold, is the coloring, 18k tends to be more of a yellow 
  • 10k gold chain is 41% gold and 59% alloyed metals*

      *Alloyed metals refers to a Silver/ Copper Mix


  • Rose Gold is a mix of Gold and Copper 
  • Also referred to as 'pink gold' or 'blush gold'

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