Pink Quartz Sunburst Light switch cover - midsize m

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Midsize Polycarbonate crystallized wall plate.  Screws included.

These are one of a kind and created to give your bedroom, living room or bathroom a little extra crystal flare. Some of the crystals due poke out so if you have someone that breaks everything they touch or like a hurricane I would recommend the smoother crystals.  They are priced by crystals and materials used. 

Crystals are glued on via epoxy or used acrylic silicone (the white textured medium).  Some glue may be visible as these are the prototype, and I am experiencing with what works best.

Crystals Used: pink mini Quartz points from madagascar

Size of cover: 4.87" x 3.13" x 0.52"  also called 'Midsize', a little larger than the standard size usually to cover a larger whole around the electrical unit.

Best for indoor use as epoxy or silicone is used.