Rare Pink Quartz Point

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Lt pink Quartz point. Bottom is cut so it can stand. Quartz points firing out the side make this one rare piece. The light pink color is from clear Quartz with traces of hematite in the center that give this piece it’s color. 

one side is completely covered in Quartz points and one side is covered in ancient etchings that look like they are thousands of years old. 

One of my favorite combos, The front four sides of this quartz are left natural because the quality is so nice, you can see etchings on lines on all three of the sides. the back two sides are polished.  One of the natural sides on the bottom is self healed and you can see the natural etchings.  This is an amazing piece for any collection.

7”.5 in tall. 5lbs 2.785

The only reason this piece is not priced higher is due to the incomplete Quartz pieces off the side.