Limited Edition Pink Suncatcher

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Pink Faceted Glass Crystals are great for reflecting light. The reflected light produce beautiful mini rainbows. Charms all dangling from beaded chain.

Charms are Brass and chain is either brass or gold plated. I upcycle the chain from broken jewelry, antique chain or new chain. 

Pink crystals create a pastel rainbows, In order to get full rainbow show, they need to be placed in a window with direct sunlight. This means it happens once a day. I have east and west facing windows. I get rainbows in the morning in one room and in the afternoon in the other room.

These make great gifts.

Made to order wait time is about a week out. 

About 5-6 inches from the hanger to the bottom of the crystal. They come on a twine string if you need extra length, you can trim as you please or just hang from an eye hook at the top of your window. Or latch to your blinds.