Opalized Ammonite

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Opalized ammonite fossil.

Natural iridescent glow to this natural forming ammonite. 

All have natural rainbows on both sides. You will receive one shell that is pictured in the second photo. Each has natural flaws but all are in good condition. No filter, taken in natural lighting.

Origin: Madagascar 

This ancient fossilized specimen is an extremely powerful source of energy and has great healing powers. The Fibonacci spiral in this fossil has drawn in cosmic energy for millions of years, and with such powerful energy, it is a great at stimulating our Chi and helping to activate Kundalini energies. The spiral is also able to transmute negative energy into smooth, positive life energy.

Physically, Ammonite's properties help in healing blood-pressure issues, degenerative disorders, problems with the ears and lungs, as well as increasing stamina and vitality. It is also said to assist in childbirth. This fossil can help with depression, as well as connecting with past lives.