Mini jars Peruvian Blue Opal rough - Andean Blue Opal - Andean Opal - gem silica opal - water opal raw- natural blue opal- jar included

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This listing is for one jar of Peruvian blue opal rough material, kept in water. Andean Opal is translucent with dendrites throughout.  Best kept in water to prevent cracking. You can take out but when dried throughly eventually might crack, unless you are planning on polishing. Keep in water or cut and cab yourself. 

A & D jars have minis and multiple pieces

B and C are one solid piece

small screw lid jar: 1.37 x 1.9 in (please note the size, these are a lot smaller than the white jar opals I’ve listed In the past). these are small pieces

**Jar is acrylic and when filled with water should be kept out of direct sunlight, unless water is constantly monitored

Blue Opal, also known as Peruvian Opal or Andean Opal, found in the remote region of the Peruvian Andeas, Earth and water in one stone. Carribean blue coloring, promotes calm and relaxing energies. It can soften the effects of stress and trauma. Blue Opal helps to ease tension from the body and cleanse your mind of any negative thoughts. It can help you find understanding in difficult situations and connect you to your inner wisdom. Blue Opal is a Throat Chakra stone that helps to facilitate easy communication and free flowing conversation. It connects the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and helps to quiet the mind.